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School Policies and Procedures » Tardy Policy & TAP

Tardy Policy & TAP

Tardy and Attendance Program -- TAP

Chatsworth Charter High School (CCHS) believes that success in school is dependent upon punctual and regular attendance of all students since there is a direct correlation to student performance and the learning environment. Recognizing that classroom attendance cannot be substituted we adhere to the following attendance policy as developed by the Chatsworth Charter Leadership Council.



Places the student on TAP: 
1) Having three or more  Absences per semester 
2) Having more than three Tardies
Consequences of TAP
If the student is placed on TAP, privileges are suspended for the time that they are on TAP and will not be permitted to participate in activities, including the following, until they are removed from TAP:
>> All school dances, may include: Homecoming, Winter Formal, Sadie Hawkins and Prom
>> Senior Activities, may include: senior breakfast, talent show, pre-prom fashion show prom, grad night, and graduation ceremony
>> Participation in all extra-curricular activities, may include: Academic Decathlon, Athletics, Band & Drill Team, Cheer, Drama Productions, Leadership and Link Crew, Music Performances, and any activity sponsored by CCHS that takes place outside the regular school day.


Absences: Having three absence or more in  any semester places the student on TAP and excluded from all activities.

All absences will count toward the TAP no matter the reason. **Students who feel they have extenuating circumstances, such as a serious illness or injury, should turn in an appeal form found in the Attendance office immediately upon return. **

Contact the Attendance Office, Assistant Principal Mr. Aragon for more detail.



Tardy: A student who is not at his or her workstation when the tardy bell rings ready to work.

Students that are tardy with-in the first 30 minutes of school will receive a tardy pass in the administration, A, building and then report to class. After 30 minutes, the students go directly to the Attendance office, A building, and receives a truancy notice and then report to class.  When a students is Tardy to Period 2-6 or Advisory less than 30 minutes they report directly to class. After 30 minutes, the students goes directly to the Attendance office, A building, and receives a truancy notice and then reports to class.

Tardy Detentions:

Students are assigned detention on every tardy after their first three tardies. Any student can clear a detention by consulting their counselor. Having Detentions not served places the student on TAP. 

Removal from TAP:
Because of Tardies - Have zero detentions 
Detentions may be removed by first consulting the counselor. May include following activities: attending lunch or after school tutoring, attending school beautification, and other items as pre-approved by the Counselors and Administrators (pre-approval forms can be obtained from counselor).
Because of Attendance
Appeal process completed with administrative approval, see Attendance Office Assistant Principal Mr. Aragon