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Student Voice

Actions for You
  • Join a Club and Organization;
  • Join PTSA and Booster;
  • Promote positive social emotional interactions;
  • Support growth mindset; 
  • Be encouraging;
  • Participate in school governance;
Communication method: 
Schoology messaging, Website posts, Calls home, Posted flyers
Chancellor Chat - during third period collaborators share their voice, showcase activities, and communicate with collaborators in a Zoom meeting. 

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Why Student Voice Matters! When students have a voice, they have more meaningful learning experiences. For over 30 years, Dr. Russell Quaglia and his team at the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations have been collecting data about student voice. Data from half a million students who took the Quaglia Student Voice Survey shows that…

Student Voice Townhall 
Grade level Proctors
townhall fall 2021
Wednesday Dec 1, 2021 school Wide Zoom held were Students asked Administrators questions pertaining to them.
Questions asked included:
  1. Why are the halls closed during lunch? 
  2. Can we add more periods to the schedule to take more quality courses?
  3. Why do you give detentions for being late in the morning? 
  4. Is it possible to move the daily pass check into the student parking lot? 
  5. Can we have Algebra 2 A/B for Saturday school or Winter Break? 
  6. When will other sports besides football get more support? 
  7. Why aren't we allowed to have Senior quotes this year? 
  8. Why are the bathrooms always closed? 
  9. Why is the dress code so unfair towards females? 
  10. Why can’t we wear LA Dodger hats? 
  11. Can we have nutrition or a longer lunch? 
  12. Why can’t Seniors have early leave? 
  13. Why don’t we have meetings translated into Spanish? 
  14. Can we enter through other gates besides the side ones? 
  15. Why is there no GSA or safe space for LGBTQ+ students? 
  16. Why aren’t students allowed to bring outside food or drinks on campus? 
  17. Can the school offer more sports? 
  18. Can we go back to the old schedule 7:45 - 2:30? 
  • Quaglia Team meeting
  • Student Voice survey
  • Student  data analysis
  • Townhall
  • Debrief
  • Workshops
  • Ad Hoc Committee formed. 
  • workshops/meetings held
  • Action planned
  • Change to many items. 
Through these steps many conversations occurred around the above questions and topics. Using voice, students began an Ad Hoc Committee in conjunction with the School Leadership Council, Climate Committee.
Work on Dress code, teacher professional development, and school spirit have all been a focus of the committee. 
  • Dress code: has modifications made to make it work with in the needs of all collaborators and regulations. (Hat policy, tank top policy, and other gender specific topics; mid-drift, straps and more.)
  • Teacher Professional Development: through surveys and workshops students have voiced concern over engagement and caring among all parties.  Work has been done to include students in general professional development when possible. Social emotional development and awareness has become a pivotal role on campus.
  • School Climate: a shift has occurred towards students and staff having constructive conversations to meet the needs of all collaborators within the scope of our control, laws, and regulations. More focused work on community engagement, communication, and support drive this change.