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The Vision and Mission of the Chatsworth Charter High School Freshman Academy to ensure academic and co-curricular support and success by creating connections for all learners in their transition to high school. These efforts are essential in allowing students to take that positive step toward setting and attaining their post-secondary college and career goals. This will be accomplished by:

  • Developing student ownership and responsibility
  • Utilizing common planning, organization, and study strategies
  • Keeping an academic focus on state standards, promoting communication
and team-building with parents, students, and teachers

Our aim is to provide all freshmen with support and linkages to allow them to make a successful transition from intermediate to high school. Teamwork is an essential component to the Chatsworth Freshmen Academy and it takes a united effort of students, parents, and teachers to help students become successful. We are excited to be partners in the education of your child.

The Freshman Academy  is a small learning community, an individualized learning unit within Chatsworth Charter High School. The Freshmen Academy provides classes for all freshmen with a core group  of teachers who are scheduled together. The supportive environment created in these classes helps freshmen succeed throughout the year; establishing a strong foundation for future success at Chatsworth Charter High School.  The collaborative environment supports positive student Achievement, the reduction in the Achievement Gap, promotes and improves overall School Safety, encourages full attentive Attendance and increases students participation in Extracurricular activities.

As stated by United States Department of Education and corroborated on the Chatsworth campus, when learning environments are smaller and more intimate, teachers and students can more easily get acquainted, teachers can spend more time with individual students; and students seem to benefit from the sense of belonging to a community. Grouping teachers and students into more cohesive, family-like structures also makes it easier to create opportunities for students to apply skills to real problems, to make connections between classroom activity and work, and to integrate learning across disciplines.


Every freshman is paired with a Link Crew member. Link Crew is a group of upper classmates who help students adjust to the schedule, curriculum, and demands of becoming successful at high school.

We  have two Freshmen counselors to assist you in making your 9th grade experience an exceptional one.  Mr. Jose Cervantes and Ms. Adriane Sommers are both available through e-mail, phone, and soon "Remind."  Remind is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers and counselors share important updates and reminders with students and parents.  All personal information is kept private.  Teachers and counselors will never see your phone number, nor will you see theirs.

Please remind your students to use their "Agenda Book."  Check it periodically to make sure they are using it to record their assignments and upcoming projects or events.  Encourage your child to get involved in school activities.  We are all proud of Chatsworth Charter High School and we want to work as a team to make the high school experience a memorable one.        M-Z   ELD