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Careers in Creative Media

With creative media, the sky is the limit. The demand for technological and creative skills is not going away. These are the careers of the future. Technology has completely transformed the way we communicate, educate, and entertain. 


Graphic Designer          Software Developer          Design Technician          Film Editor

Publicity Director          Video Game Designer          Fine Artist          Animator

News Anchor          Dancer          Reporter          Digital Media Artist

Musician          Graphic Designer           Critic          Media Artist  

Photographer           Design Technician          Voice-over Artist          Videographer

Motion Capture Actor          Camera Operator     Sound Technicians         Publisher

Video Game Tester          Hair/Make-up Artist          Production Manager     Producer

Character Developer          Costume Designer          Blogger         Composer

Program Director          Announcer          Production Assistant          Sound Engineer

Broadcaster          Casting Director          Website Designer          Graphic Artist

Director  Working Actor          Journalist         Human/Computer Interaction Specialist

Music Director         Programmer          Filmmaker          Computer Data Analyst

Advertising Designer          Photojournalist          Product Manufacturer          Consultant

Story Editor          Choreographer          Screenwriter          Virtual Reality Technician

IT Specialist           Software Engineer               User Interface Designer          Entrepreneur