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Academy of Gaming Arts & Media Entertainment (GAME Academy) » Career Pathways

Career Pathways

Arts & Media Career Pathways

You may choose from the following three Career Pathways:


1. Media Arts (courses in filmmaking, screenwriting, broadcasting, journalism)

2. Performing Arts (courses in theater, music, dance)

3. Production and Managerial Arts (courses in photography, stage design)


Once you have selected a Career Pathway, your counselor will program you into the correct series of elective classes. You may also take elective classes from other pathways, or from other academies.



Introductory Courses

Concentrator Courses

Capstone Courses

Media Arts





Filmmaking 1AB


Film: The Integrated Art-G




Journalism 1AB

Filmmaking 2 AB


Broadcast Journalism1AB  


Creative Writing


Journalism 2 AB

Film Production


Broadcast Journalism 2AB


Writers Seminar


Performing Arts



- Dance






Keyboard 1


Theater: Ensemble

Modern Dance

Beginning Dance Chor/Prod


Music  History/Literary Analysis


Keyboard 2AB


Theater Company


Choreographic Process


Advanced Band


Music History/Literary Analysis


Theater Production

Production and Managerial Arts

-Stage Crew


Photography 1


Stage Design

Photography 2


Theater: Design Workshop


Photo Production


TH: Adv Design and Prod