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Student Handbook » Types of Sexual Harassment

Types of Sexual Harassment

Non-Verbal / Visual Verbal Physical
Displaying sexually suggestive magazines/ cartoons/pin-ups/posters Sexual innuendos/rumors/Suggestive comments Unwanted sexual touching
Obscene gestures Comments on clothing or physical appearance Pulling up/snapping/ pulling down/ grabbing clothing
Lip or tongue motions Asking unwanted, personal, sexual, intimate questions Physical interference with movements/ cornering/ blocking or following/ leaning over/ impeding movement
Sexually explicit e-mail letters/ writing on desks/books/lockers Whistling, catcalls, patronizing names Blowing on someone's neck/hair /ear
Sexual computer screen savers Sucking, mooing, kissing, howling sounds Fondling/ stroking/ licking someone's skin
Graffiti of a sexual nature Rating appearance, body parts, sexuality Coerced sexual intercourse / rape /sexual assault
Leering/ staring in a sexual manner Pestering or pressuring for dates/asking for sex or sexual contact Assault and intimidating physical conduct directed at some because of their gender
Looking down someone's blouse or up someone's skirt Telling sexual jokes, rape jokes or demanding gender-based jokes Brushing up against/ leaning on someone
Exposing sexual or private body parts Shouting sexual obscenities Massaging/ grabbing / pinching/ fondling/ brushing the body
Manipulating objects or food to create a sexual innuendo Teasing, taunting, insulting about sex, sexuality, body parts or attractiveness
Unwanted notes or love letters with a sexual message Commenting about sexual activates, fantasies, sexual preferences or interest of other or self.

Student Complaints about Other Students - A complaining student may feel that the complaint can be resolved through an informal discussion or a change of seats. If the harassment is serious or continues to occur, however the student should be referred to Mr. Potter's office to file a complaint. Any student who wishes to file a complaint may do so. Other sexual harassment complaint mangers are Daisy Hizon in the Health Office, Liz Ramos (TUPE Coordinator), and Van Damme (School Psychologist).