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Student Orientation

  • STUDENTS MUST CARRY A CHS I.D. CARD. This is a safety issue. Students must present the card to school employees upon request. students follow the directions of all school personnel.

  • CHS IS A CLOSED CAMPUS students will be cited by police for loitering if off campus during school hours. "Early Leave" I.D. Cards or passes from the attendance office (for appointments) are required if students leave campus early.

  • STUDENTS MUST EXIT THE CAMPUS IMMEDIATELY AFTER DISMISSAL, unless participating in a School Activity under the direct supervision of school personnel.

  • CHS HAS A STRICT TARDINESS POLICY. "Tardy Lockouts" for students late to class. A pattern of repeated tardiness results in disciplinary action.

  • CHS IS A SMOKE-FREE AND A DRUG-FREE CAMPUS. Students may not smoke on or near campus, or at any school activity. Students will be cited by police for smoking or possessing tobacco products. Use or possession of alcohol or drugs (or of drug paraphernalia) will result in disciplinary action and/or citation or arrest by police.

  • POSSESSION OF WEAPONS OR DANGEROUS OBJECTS (including Mace) - Will result in an Arrest by police. Likely will result in an Expulsion from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • NO iPhones, iPads, iTouches, RADIOS, CELL PHONES, PDAs OR PLAY EQUIPMENT - These objects nay be confiscated by school employees for return to parents only. Having these items in class or on the grounds could result in disciplinary action.

  • DRESS CODE - Students who violate the dress code will be required to have parents bring a change of clothes, go home to change clothes, or wear PE clothes.

    Disciplinary actions may also be taken for dress code violations. The most common dress code violations include: Headwear ( hats, bandanas, etc.) that is not a Chatsworth hat or cap. Inappropriate message on shirts.

  • STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO SEEK ADULT ASSISTANCE IF THEY HAVE CONFLICTS WITH OTHER STUDENTS. Teachers, counselors, deans, administrators and school police are available to help. Peer mediation (conflict resolution) is also available. Report serious problems to A-10.

  • LOCKERS USE IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Hall lockers are assigned by seniority, because of the limited number of lockers. For additional security of items left in P.E. lockers, students may purchase a padlock. ONLY PADLOCKS PURCHASED AT THE STUDENT STORE can be used on P.E. lockers. Do not give your combination to other students.