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Special Instructional Programs

Academic Decathlon is the sport for the brain. Chatsworth students with A,B, or C averages are encouraged to enter the Academic Decathlon team where they can try out for the nine member team. Students who make the team compete in a District competition where they can win scholarship, prizes and medals. Academic Decathlon is fun, educational and valuable on college applications.

Advanced Placement classes are offered at Chatsworth High School. Classes which are offered include AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Language and Literature, Physics, Spanish Language and Literature, Studio Art, Drawing, Art History, Environmental Science, European History, American History, Government, Human Geography, Marco/Micro Economics and Psychology. Students who successfully pass the advanced placement test in May earn college credit for their efforts.

Careers with Children is a vocational home economics program designed to teach students how to work with young children. The course offers a wide variety of experience for the students including telling stories, leading games, directing craft activities, preparing nutritious snacks, budgeting and shopping. These skills may later be used in a private nursery school, childcare center or elementary school program.

School for Advanced Study offers students who have the gifted or high achieved designation advanced placement and honors classes where teachers meet the needs of these students by modifying curriculum to suit individual needs, interest and abilities. Gifted students are Clustered within the program to maximized opportunities for peer interaction with differentiated curriculum.

Humanitas is a program where students study certain common themes and ideas that exist among literature, science, art and social studies. The curriculum is taught by an interdisciplinary team of teachers.

Leadership Program is made up of interested and qualified students willing to plan, organize and carry out school activities. Some of the activities at Chatsworth include Homecoming Welcome Back Dance, canned food drives, toy and blood drives, multicultural fairs, and dances.

Business Certificate Program offers a series of classes resulting in a certificate for many entry level positions in the field of business.

Vocational Choices include computer assisted drafting, culinary arts, machine shop as well as a large number of off campus classes.