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Welcome to AVID

Mission Statement:

AVID'S mission is to Close the Achievement Gap by Preparing All Students for College Readiness and Success in a Global Society.


The AVID System is designed to increase school wide learning and performance for student in grades K-12.  The purpose of the AVID system is to restructure the teaching methods of the entire school and to open access to the curricula that will ensure four-year college eligibility for all students for college readiness and success in a global society.


AVID students are typically first-time college-goers in their families and are capable of completing a rigorous curriculum, but are falling short of their potential.  AVID students are enrolled in honors and AP classes, and attend an elective class—called AVID—taught within the school day by a trained AVID teacher.


      AVID meets the needs of these students by:

1. Providing academic instruction and other support to students to prepare them for eligibility in four-year colleges and universities

2. Giving students college-level entry skills

3. Increasing the “coping skills” of students

4. Motivating students to seek college educations

5. Increasing each student’s level of career awareness


For more information about the AVID System, news and research related to AVID, please visit the AVID Center website at:


Student Highlights:
Jorge Arthur & Sara Darabian
High Honors
Daniela Cedilllo, Evelyn Romero, Jennifer Ordonez Castillo, Tommy Tang, Kennedy Uche
Abraham Ayala, Ivan Cruz, Raul Flores, Roberto Hernandez, Josh Medina, Carloscar Montes, Ariana Nolasco, Brianna Pineda, Uzman Wazeer 
College Acceptance
Jorge Arthur (Grand Canyon Univeristy, CSUN, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UCLA)Abraham Ayala (CSUN)
Michell Bucasas (Travel Institute of the Pacific)
Daniela Cedilllo (CSUN, Mt. St. Marys, Grand Canyon University, Cal St. Dominguez Hills) 
Ivan Cruz (Grand Canyon University, CSUN)
Sara Darabian (Ripon, Allegheny, San Francisco St., CSUN)
Roberto Hernandez (America Music & Dramatic Arts)
Josh Medina (Sonoma St.)
Carloscar Montes (Grand Canyon University, CSUN, San Francisco St.)
Arthur Muniga (CSUN)
Ariana Nolasco (CSUN, Cal St. Channel Islands, Grand Canyon University, Sacramento St.)
Jennifer Ordonez Castillo (Mt. St. Mary, Cal St. Channel Islands, UC Riverside)
Brianna Pineda (Cal St. Channel Islands, San Francisco St.)
Evelyn Romero (Cal St. Los Angeles, CSUN, Cal St. Fullerton, San Diego St., UC Riverside)
Tommy Tang (CSUN, Cal St. Channel Islands, Cal St. Los Angeles, Grand Canyon University)
Kennedy Uche (CSUN, Cal St. Long Beach)
Uzman Wazeer (CSUN, Cal St. Los Angeles)
AVID Informational Brochure:
Read all about the exciting opportunities from AVID.
Returning AVID Students:
Returning students planning on enrolling in Avid for the next school year need to complete the following application:
New AVID Students:
Students planning on enrolling in Avid for this school year need to complete the following application: