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MCSA Advisory

The Medical Careers and Sciences Academy (MCSA) Advisory course is a meeting place where students will be able to form a more personalized and supported education experience. During the advisory course, MCSA students will have opportunities to develop intellectually and emotionally.


MCSA’s goal is for students to be prepared for college and ready for a career in the medical field.  You will be using the advisory time to


  • manage increasingly complex academic content and tasks.
  • develop an ethical value system and responsibilities.
  • prepare for adult roles for college, careers, and life.


    By graduation, MCSA students are expected to master academic content as well as establish an emotional intellect. The following traits will be used to determine a student’s readiness for college, career, and life:


  • Efficacious-having the power to improve
  • Adaptable-capable of being modified to suit different conditions/purpose
  • Worldly-Wise-participate in civics (rights and duties of citizens) and engage in local community service
  • Influential-communicate persuasively; develop and sustain positive relationships


MCSA Teachers, Sponsors, Mentors and Parents all wish you endless days of euphoria, yet through our own unique struggles, we also want you to understand that we are dedicated to giving you the skills to persevere through the days of loneliness and failures.


“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently” –Henry Ford


“Success is failure turned inside out” –Unknown



Advisory Objectives


  • Understand personal interests
  • Explore Career and College Options
  • Develop a Graduation Plan
  • Research and choose community service
  • Write a resume
  • Understand and demonstrate online ethics
  • Financial budgeting


  • Visit a college
  • Make a college admissions plan
  • Understand financial aid
  • Document community service
  • Career preparation through professionalism, application, and interview
  • Determine and explore an internship
  • Financial bank accounts


  • Finish application process
  • Complete financial aid applications
  • Develop a financial plan
  • Reflect upon community service
  • Complete an Internship
  • Financial credit
ConnectEd Studios
Using the Medical Careers and Sciences Academy Agenda Book follow the instructions to register with the given code.
2. Click Register Now on the main page
3. What kind of user are you? K-12
4. Select the appropriate user type: School/Pathway User
5. Select the appropriate category: I’m a Student
6. Enter the ConnectEd Code found in the agenda book.
7. From the drop down menu, Select School (search for Los Angeles Unified District first)
8. Click Submit Code
9. From the list, Select Pathway: Medical Careers & Sciences Academy
10. Enter and confirm email address and password, first name, last name, and graduation year
11. Click “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use”
12. Click Register
Advisory Reflections
Use this video ( to upload your reflection essays onto ConnectEd Studios ECCCO Plan.
Service Hours

10th and 11th Grade Advisory

You will be expected to log all your Community Service and Intern hours. 

12th Grade Advisory

As 12th graders you will have to submit your completed Community Service hours, Service Learning Project Verification, Internship Logs, Unofficial Transcripts, Financial Aid Worksheets, Resume, Reference Letters and Stole Requirements Check-­off list.

It is important that you keep track of all information that is asked of you. Incomplete portfolios may impact your participation in graduation.

Sounds like too much? Then you are in the wrong academy. This is a little dose of what will be expected of you in your future medical endeavors. We teach heroes in training.

Senior Portfolio and Defense
Below are the quick reference guide (P&D Review) as well as a detailed Handbook with rubrics.
MCSA Students,


After a speaker/event, fill-out the survey. The results will be used to create future events.

Senior Portfolio and Defense
Scroll down for more information.