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CTE Drama

One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is that working in the theater and film industry is a common and viable career path. To that end, our theater program exists to provide students with the skills they need to jumpstart a career in theater, film, or television. Currently, we offer three courses: Technical Theatre, Theatre Design, and Performance Artist.
No show could run without the work of dedicated stage hands and light and sound crew. In Technical Theater, we explore the behind the scenes work in theater productions. I utilize my experience running sketch shows at UCLA and working as a light and sound tech at iO Los Angeles to show students the ins and out of successfully running a live theater production. Additionally, students will explore the very art forms they are learning to produce, and will write, and direct, and act themselves in this class. Students who complete our Technical Theater Course will have a leg up on the competition in stage hand, light crew, sound crew, and stage manager positions. 
For our more artistically inclined students, our Theatre Design course offers many great opportunities to utilize their abilities. In this students will explore the various design aspects of theater, from costume design to set design, and also work on their skills as directors. Additionally, students will explore the very art forms they are learning to design and direct, and will write and act themselves in this class.
Lastly, for the true Thespians, we offer our Performance Artist course. Because the industry currently favors a well rounded Jack of All Trades type performer, students will explore improv, sketch acting, and even stand up, in addition to traditional acting. Additionally, students will explore elements of Technical Theater and Theater Design to round out their education. Students will also develop their commercial skills, and learn practical acting and the basics of beginning an acting career in the entertainment industry. In this course, I will utilize my seven years experience as a working improvisor and stand up to prepare my students for a career in the industry.  
For those interested in acting outside of the classroom, we also have our CCHS Drama Club. Every semester, the students vote on and produce a play. This semester, we will be doing The Outsiders. Stay tuned for an announcement on dates and ticket sales.
If you are interested in joining, we have meetings every Thursday at lunch in Mr. Cassady's classroom, S-84.