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Medical Careers and Sciences Academy » Pathway Outcomes

Pathway Outcomes

The Progress of Creating Outcomes

Problem Solving Skills


Understand how to interact with others in ways that demonstrate respect for individual and cultural differences and for the attitudes and feelings of others.


Examine the nature of the problem to determine relevant an irrelevant solutions, create and implement an appropriate procedure, monitor its effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments to arrive at a viable solution or to deepen knowledge of the problem.


Students understand the academic content required for well- balanced life and entry into post- secondary education and employment in the medical and science sector.


Outcome # 1 

12th Grade

Students will successfully participate a clinical situation that requires the demonstration of engrained sense of empathy in a caring and supportive environment designed to meet patient needs.

11th Grade

Theme – Hospice

CCHS Spring Conference on Medical Care


Students will create a conference on End of Life Care in the Los Angeles County.


10th Grade

Students will present their interdisciplinary project” medicine in Our World” to the community during Spring's PBLOA night.


Outcome #3

12th Grade

Student will/may modify post –secondary plans and will meet deadlines


11th Grade

Students review, revise, career plan and set specific goals and deadlines to achieve post- secondary plan.


10th Grade

Students will develop a career plan that is designed to reflect career interests, pathways, and post- secondary outcomes.