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Tardy Policy

TARDY POLICY 2011/2012 

Chatsworth High School believes that success in school is dependent upon punctual, regular attendance. We also believe tardiness has a direct correlation to poor student performance and is detrimental to the total learning environment. Recognizing that classroom attendance cannot be substituted, we adhere to the following tardy policy, as developed by the Chatsworth Leadership Council.

Definition of Being Tardy: A student who is not at his or her workstation when the tardy bell rings ready to work.


Students are to go directly to the designated tardy room when they are tardy periods 1-8 and homeroom. Tardy lockouts are all day, every day unless otherwise announced. Teachers are to close their classroom doors after the tardy bell rings. Students should not be allowed in the classroom without a tardy pass. Students must carry their current Chatsworth High School identification card at all times and present it to receive a tardy pass. Students are assigned detention on every 4th tardy. Excused and unexcused tardies count towards a student’s 3 allowed tardies. Students who do not have an identification card when they are tardy will be assigned an automatic detention.

Detention must be served within 7 days from the day it is assigned or the detention will be doubled. Students with outstanding detentions will not be issued tardy passes until the detentions are served. Students who have detentions remaining from the previous school year lose their tardy pass privilege for the current semester.

If the detentions are served during the fall semester, privileges will be reinstated for the spring semester. Students who are tardy more than 10 times to any class including homeroom during the fall or spring semester will be locked out of that class and sent to the Dean’s office in C8 every time they are late (from the 10th tardy). The student will remain in C8 for the entire period. The student’s parents will be contacted by phone and a letter will be sent home requesting a meeting within 5 days. Students are only allowed one tardy pass per day. Students with outstanding detentions that are past the 7 day period will not be issued tardy passes, they will be sent to C8.

In accordance with State Education Code 48260 a student is considered truant if they are tardy or absent more than 30 minutes after the class period has started without a valid excuse.

  • 1st -  3rd Student is issued a tardy pass and sent to class.
  • 4th tardy Student is issued a tardy pass to class and assigned detention. Student’s privileges to attend School activities are suspended until detention is served. Tardies are carried forward from fall semester to the spring semester. Detentions are carried forward through a student’s senior year until they are served. Suspended privileges include: All school dances (homecoming, winter formal, Sadie Hawkins and prom), senior activities, T.A. assignments, Grad Nite and graduation participation. Parent notification (letters and phone calls) will be handled through the Dean’s office and The Parent Center.

*Tardy passes are only issued up to 30 minutes after the class period begins including students clearing absences. During 1st thru 8th periods after 30 minutes students will be sent to C8.

  • Any student who receives 10 tardies in one class including homeroom will be placed on the C.H.A.S.E. Program and will be prohibited from attending all after school activities. This exclusion will continue for two semesters. If the student maintains less than 5 tardies in all classes for any ten week grading period The student may have his/her privileges restored.

  • Any student who receives detention for the third time will be required to schedule a conference with their parents and a Dean to help develop a plan to alleviate the student being excessively tardy.


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