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Title I

The purpose of Title I is to meet the educational needs of children from low-income households and the needs of children in local institutions for neglected or delinquent children. Participants include students who are at-risk of failing, disabled, and in private schools.
 Is Your Child a Title One Student?
OFFICE HOURS:  7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Title One students are eligible for additional services. To discuss these services, please call our Parent Center and speak to either Sheri Osborne or Jose Cervantes. You can reach Sheri Osborne at 818-678-3421 or Jose Cervantes at 818-678 2805 or by email

Title One Criteria
  • 'D' or 'Fail' in English and/or Math class at any marking period.
  • Student received one or more U's in Cooperation at any marking period.
  • Student has not demonstrated Proficiency levels in Language Arts in Standardized tests.
  • Student has not demonstrated Proficiency level in Math in Standardized tests.
  • Student has not participated in Standardized tests.
  • Student has exceeded five absences prior to the 10 week marking period.
  • Student has not passed the CELDT exam.
  • Student participates in the DRWC program.
  • Student participates in any facet of the Special Education program.
  • Student has been designated as an English Learner.
  • Student has not met the credits needed to be their appropriate grade level.
  • Student has demonstrated problems in the area of discipline and/or receives additional services from the Student Support Services Office.
  • Student participates in a specially designed school program to assist them in meeting academic needs.
  • Student participates in any counseling intervention program.
  • Either one or both parents of the student did not graduate high school.